Aerobond focuses on problem solving to provide production and design solutions for our customers. We work closely with our partner organisations to exchange ideas, provide guidance, verification and certification for a broad range of composite and metalwork projects.


Our service includes manufacture of prototypes and structural composite products with high end applications, focusing on one-offs and small quantities of custom-built units to meet customer specification.


At Aerobond we place high value on our quality craftsmanship and our brand, which has been built on our reputation for quality and responsiveness.

Capabilities include:

  • Sustainment Support
  • Advanced Composites
  • Sheet Metal / Welding
  • Advanced Composites
  • Machined Components
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile Repair Teams
  • Surface Treatments
  • Avionics / Electronics Integration
  • Radome Testing RTCA DO-213

senior management team

Justin Struik

Justin Struik is the Founder and Managing Director of Aerobond. Based in Adelaide, this is a company he created and has led since 2010, with a 20-year track record in the industry.

Back then Aerobond was an idea to create a superior offering in South Australia to service the national aviation market with specialised advanced composite and sheet metal repairs. Today, Aerobond has diversified and continued to grow, leading the way in component maintenance and manufacturing.

Justin has led Aerobond through 12 years of numerous achievements and accolades, including winning projects and contracts with some of Aviation’s biggest players including, Cobham Aviation, Alliance, Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems and Babcock International. It’s the workmanship Justin demands and high-quality solutions that they pride themselves on that has allowed them to compete on an international scale, while maintaining local quality and a personalised service.

M +61 414 655 564
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Andrew Oliver

Andy started his career in the UK, working in Motorsport on both Le Mans Series prototypes and in Formula One before moving into Defence with Lockheed Martin UK, where he was Chief Engineer and Head of Structural Analysis within the Special Projects Division.

While working with Lockheed Martin, Andy got the chance to travel to Adelaide on a collaborative Government programme in 2017 and moved to Adelaide permanently in 2019.

Andy has held management positions in both Engineering and Manufacturing businesses in South Australia before joining Aerobond in 2022.

M +61 413 503 902
[email protected]

Ian Macdonald

Ian started his aviation career as technical apprentice at BAESYSTEMS (formally British Aerospace) in the UK, progressing through from production build, customer support and returning to production facilities to concentrate on prototype first article build / ground test / flight test.

Working within a diverse range of high-profile projects including both commercial and military platforms in terms of production build and ‘Field based customer Support’ taking on a wide range of projects and overseas locations

Latterly, until April 2017 Team leader within BAESYSTEMS prototype UAV manufacture, build, ground test & flight test in both UK and overseas locations.

Moving to Australia permanently in April 2017 becoming Workshop Manager at Aerobond Pty as Responsible Manager & CASA Form 4 holder, responsible all aspects of Aerobond Quality, Delivery & Performance.

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