Aerobond focuses on problem solving to provide production and design solutions for our customers.

We work closely with our partner orginisations to exchange ideas, provide guidance, verification and certification for a broard range of composite and metal work projects.

Advanced Composites

Aerobond works with epoxy-based laminating systems combined with Aramid, Glass, Carbon, Quartz and Hybrid type fibres.

Specialist Metalwork

Aerobond has considerable experience in the production and overhaul of metallic structures.


Aerobond can take your simple sketch and bring it to life at a miniature scale or full size, using our range of in-house capabilities and expertise.

Radome Repair & Testing

Aerobond are an industry leader in the overhaul and testing of many different types of radomes.

Avionics & Electronics Integration

Aerobond have significant experience in Avionics system integration.


Aerobond offers production and repair capability across all metal types including aluminium, stainless, steel, Inconel, and titanium.  


Whether your painting job is an Airbus rudder or flight controls, Aerobond is your one-stop finishing partner. 

Special Processes

Aerobond offers special processes including heat treatment, machining, production and repair of plastics, and more. 

Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection

Aerobond’s offers non-destructive testing – liquid penetrant, eddy current, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and radiographic. 

On Site & AOG Services

Aerobond’s field service teams are available at short notice to assist customers with structural repairs during overnight stops or other planned groundings.

Design for Manufacture

Aerobond are uniquely placed to be able to provide Design for Manufacture and Phased Industrialisation advisory services. 

Supply Chain Management

Aerobond pride ourselves on the relationships we have built within the supply chain over the last decade.